About STEM Alliance


The Schenectady STEM Alliance is a coalition of leaders working to bridge the divide between under-resourced students and the growing opportunities in Tech Valley. By increasing collaboration between the private, non-profit and educational actors, we can more effectively build awareness for and improve access to STEM educational and career opportunities.

The STEM Alliance was organized by the Schenectady Foundation in 2016. The Foundation supports the Alliance with staff time, organizational capacity, research, and fund

The Opportunity 

Long a center of industrial production and innovation, Schenectady is experiencing a resurgence of its science and technology sectors. Established employers like GE are joined by a growing ecosystem of startups, incubators, and strong educational institutions, creating a diverse range of STEM-related career opportunities.


Yet the fortunes of our city’s families and youth continue to decline. There is a high level of poverty among children and youth, and our underfunded schools struggle to keep pace with the offerings of suburban areas. As a result, our young men and women are farless likely to have exposure to STEM programming, or see STEM careers as viable choices.

Join the STEM Alliance   

Members of the Alliance may be organizations, corporations or individuals. There is no fee to be a member,however, all members are expected to participate within the word and spirit of the MOU, which shall include:

  • Regular participation in Alliance meetings or events
  • Sharing information about programs
  • Collaborating when appropriate on programs, projects and funding opportunities
  • Sharing resources to improve and promote efforts by the Alliance or its members
  • Provide specific support to the Alliance as each member is capable, such as: outreach to key stakeholders, recruitment and/or training of STEM mentors; offering access to research and program best practices; providing in-kind resources to advance the Alliance vision, etc.