Schenectady values, respects and honors our youths, advancing their positive development, well-being and achievement through a collaborative and supportive system of adults organized and trained to help them realize their potential.  As adult community members we are committed to the following principles and priorities.

We will:

1. Listen to youths and include their voice in our considerations and planning for community programs designed to support them;

2. Stand against systemic racism, sexism and other forms of prejudice imposing inequities upon our families and their children; and continually build and improve relationships in the community to address race and prejudice;

3. Promote youth leadership, offering new avenues to build knowledge, talents and skills so that their influence is felt in civic engagement, educational policy and community programs and activities;

4. Engage youths in service to their community through activism, volunteerism and through their personal investment in community improvement projects;

5. Create sustainable employment opportunities that build skills, teach teamwork and responsibility, build equity and pave a pathway to future vocations and careers;

6. Stand with youths as their allies, advocates, guides and mentors to help them see and realize their potential, to be activists for their best interests and to use our influence to impact positive outcomes for them;

7. Emphasize talent development and skill acquisition in our youth programs;

8. Help our youths learn to navigate and effectively utilize community resources;

9. Advocate for policy changes that result in more equitable access to public resources and opportunities;

10. Work together toward collective impact through collaboration, adoption of common goals and strategies, and sharing resources and information.

Our Pledge

We are committed to this Call to Action for the long-term, and will work actively and in earnest to incorporate these principles in our daily interactions with youths in our programs, in our schools and in our community.

Download a full color flyer on the Call to Action for Youth Principles