The Schenectady Foundation's Golden Celebration a Resounding Success

$2.5 million investment in grants sparks innovation and community commitment to transformational changeChildren in the County Head Start program sent their thanks when a TSF grant helped keep the doors open despite budget cuts caused by federal sequestration.

The Schenectady Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Golden Celebration offered the community an ambitious slate of $2.5 million in grant opportunities, new scholarships, and special programs, including a commitment to a single grant of up to $1 million for a project with the potential to achieve transformational change.

The Foundation brought its Golden Grants campaign to a close by awarding the $1 million transformational grant to the Schenectady Bridges Partnership, a multi-sector collaboration to help Schenectady families build bridges out of poverty to sustainable lives.

Robert Carreau announces $1 Million GrantThe Foundation’s grant will catalyze the resources of the Bridges Partnership to help transform the quality of life for people in under-resourced communities.  The Schenectady Bridges Partnership intends to create sustainable career employment, support indigenous leaders and neighborhoods to create their future stories, and make their communities more stable, safe and livable.  

In addition to its $1 million grant to the Bridges Partnership, the Foundation approved nearly $1.5 million in Golden Grants and Scholarships that supported its Strengthening Families agenda, including $630,000 in Innovation and Capacity Building grants to substantially strengthen the ability of organizations to achieve their missions. These grants are supporting work to improve early childhood education, provide better training to those who work with families in crisis, improve high school graduation, and increase access to affordable loans and economic development activities.

More to Celebrate

Working Group on Girls participants

The Golden Celebration was the launch pad for TSF’s Community Partnership Conference “Bridges to Success – Strengthening Families.” The conference was attended by nearly 400 people and featured a keynote by Ruby Payne, PhD, internationally recognized speaker, educator and author of the Bridges Out of Poverty books and programs. Due to the overwhelming success of the conference, Community Partnership Conference II: “Bridges to Youths -- A Call to Action for Schenectady’s Youth,” is scheduled for December 3, 2014.

The Golden Celebration was also an opportunity to recognize and support the commitment and work of exceptional individuals in the community. At the “Celebration of Community,” 12 extraordinary  men and women representing 10 outstanding charitable organizations received Community Hero Awards for Leadership and Service. The Foundation awarded a grant of $10,000 to the organization affiliated with each Community Hero. An impressive array of talented young leaders – all of whom are meaningfully engaged in making their school, neighborhood or community a better place -- received Young Leadership Scholarships, totaling $50,000. Supporting the educational and career dreams of young leaders helps to seed the future of our community – one of the goals of the Golden Celebration.









Golden Anniversary is A Golden Opportunity for Our Community 
In 1963, The Schenectady Foundation made its first grant:  $250 to the YMCA.  While a modest gift at that time (about $1,900 in today’s dollars), it was the first of many to come.
Today, 50 years later, TSF has returned close to $16 million to our community in grants and scholarships.
As we mark our 50th year of building community, it seems fitting not only to celebrate, but also to use our golden anniversary as an opportunity to ensure that our next 50 years – and our community’s -- are even better. Our Golden Celebration will:
Honor Our Past by recognizing the donors, volunteers and community organizations that have been essential to our success and longevity.
Seed Our Future by engaging our community in resetting our course and attracting new donors committed to Schenectady’s future.
Transform Our Community Now by substantially increasing our grants and scholarships to have a transformational impact in our community.
We invite you to be part of our plans by joining the Golden Celebration Committee.  Your tax-deductible contribution will help to underwrite our golden anniversary programs, and launch the next half-century of our mission to advance the sustainable well-being of the people of Schenectady County. 
Your “GCC” commitment includes admission to our community leadership and philanthropy recognition events in 2013 and 2014.
Yes, I/we will gladly support The Schenectady Foundation’s 50th anniversary programs by joining the Golden Celebration Committee at the following level:
Founder                    $1,000
Partner                      $500
Stakeholder               $250
Community Builder  $100 
I/we cannot join the Golden Celebration Committee at this time, but would like to support The Schenectady Foundation’s work with our tax-deductible contribution.
Questions?  Give us a call at (518) 393-9500 
or email us at info@schenectadyfoundation.or