Apply for a Grant

PLEASE NOTE:  At this time our 2017 grant programs are closed to new requests.  The Foundation has received 35 requests this year, totalling more than $2.3 million. With about $250,000 remaining in our grant budget we anticipate concluding our 2017 granting with the consideration of the applications currently under review.  We anticipate re-opening our grant processes in early January 2018.



Foundation Plans to Invest $1.1 million in grants in 2017

The Schenectady Foundation focuses its resources in those organizations and programs that can substantively demonstrate positive results for the people and communities of Schenectady County, NY.  In 2016 we committed just over $1,000,000 in grants to 19 projects, and more than $40,000 through three scholarship programs.  In 2017 we anticipate granting about $1.1 million with an emphasis placed on the Call to Action for Schenectady's Youth, and support of neighborhood revitalization projects in the City of Schenectady.

Our grants will be prioritized among applicants whose proposals are aligned with, and are supportive of our core community strategies and initiatives such as Schenectady Bridges PartnershipStrong Families Schenectady and the Bigelow Corners Partnership.  While new proposals do not need to be a formal partner with these endeavors, those productively aligned and integrated with one or more initiatives will receive strong consideration by the Foundation. Regardless of affiliation, all proposals will be assessed by the Foundation on their merits and the likelihood that they can achieve compelling results for the community we serve.

Our 2017 grants will also place a strong emphasis on projects that demonstrate the potential to achieve measurable outcomes.

About Our Grant Process

The Foundation has a two-tiered on-line grant process.  The first submission is a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) which provides us with a high-level view of the proposed project.  Upon acceptance of the LOI, the applicants are provided with access to the full grant application.  Projects previously supported by the foundation may, with the permission of the Foundation, bypass the Letter of Inquiry stage and apply for a continuation grant.  These grantees will be selected by the Foundation based on the project results during their previous grant.

The Foundation has a "Micro-Grants" or small grants program to consider requests of $10,000 or less.  The Micro-Grants program offers an abbreviated process for smaller grants.  Organizations might consider applying for a Micro-Grant for planning, research and development of future projects, or to get pilot projects off the ground in anticipation of being able to bring the program to scale in the future.  While the maximum grant is $10,000, the majority of Micro-Grants grants will be in the range of $3,000 - $6,000.

Getting Started with Your Application

To access The Schenectady Foundation's online grant application site, please follow this link:  Foundation Online Grants.  If you are a new applicant you will first need to establish an account.  If you have previously received a grant, or have already used the online application, you may logon with your email address and password.  For assistance with accessing the online grant application you may contact our office at (518) 393-9500.

For additional information on the Foundation's grant program, just give us a call: (518) 393-9500.