Apply for a Scholarship


Tips for navigating the online application:

Create a New Account.  Enter your full name for the Organization name.  Please type "NA" for EIN/Tax ID.

Please note:  Any field marked with an asterisk is a required field. If you attempt to go to the next page and the system doesn't allow you to - check for any fields that are highlighted in red.  This means required information is missing or is in the wrong format the the field must be corrected before you can go to the next page.

"Executive Officer" page -  Select "YES" on this page.

You are allowed to create your own password. Enter your password twice and select "finish" and you're ready for the application!

The following instructions will appear on the application page -

  1. You may print our complete form by selecting "Question List" at the top of this page. This will open a pdf to print which may help you prepare your answers. The printout is for reference only. All information must be entered online.
  2. Any field marked with an asterisk * is a required field.
  3. Every text area field has a character limit referenced - the character counts include spaces. The character count will decrease as you type, thus letting you know where you stand with available spacing. You may copy and paste into a text area if you wish. If you paste text into a box, please go to the end of the application and SAVE. The save function lets you know if the characted count was exceeded and then gives you a chance to modify your answer.
  4. SAVE OFTEN - especially after every copy/paste. In order to SAVE, you need to scroll to the end of the application form. You may SAVE and return to your application at a later time. Your application is not submitted to us until you press the SUBMIT APPLICATION button

We strongly recommend that you begin your application early!  There is a section which asks for references and transcripts.  The application will send an email to the people you add as references, but remember, you need to give them time to be able to respond before the DEADLINE.  Your references and guidance counselor will be given an access code and will enter their information online, too.  Be courteous and complete the reference and transcript section early enough so there is ample time for them to respond.