Strengthening Families


In 2008, after a year of study and community input, TSF committed to a long-term strategic focus called Strengthening Families.  Our vision is that:

Families will have the capacity to support the success of their children in their family, school and community.

The Foundation, along with its grantees and community partners, is working toward this vision by supporting a continuum of integrated community resources that strengthen families. We are helping families achieve positive outcomes for their children by building self-reliance, improving academic, social and life skills and promoting wellness. Community resources and services are bridged by a common strategy to engage and support the entire family.

Key Strategies
The following strategies are receiving investment:

  • Building parent effectiveness, support and engagement
  • Developing a family-focused community service culture
  • Strengthening prenatal care and healthy birth outcomes
  • Expanding home visiting and newborn/infant health, wellness and development programs
  • Providing consistent, high-quality, enriched child care that is centered on the family
  • Providing supports vital to improved family functioning, for family members of all ages.
  • Improving family functioning, providing a holistic therapeutic aspect to all programs