Weekend Backpack


Why Weekend Backpack?

Did you know more than 90% of Schenectady City School District children qualify for free or reduced lunches? Food insecurity has been identified as a major community issue in Schenectady County. Many children lack access to food over the weekend. As a result malnutrition and insecurity impacts school performance. 

The Weekend Backpack program currently addresses hunger and nutrition needs of nearly 1,000 elementary school children in the City of Schenectady by providing a reliable source of nutritious food to children each Friday during the school year.

Last year, the Weekend Backpack Partnership mobilized to bring a weekly source of nutritious food to many more of Schenectady’s chronically hungry school children. As a result, 997 elementary school students -- went home happier and healthier on Friday afternoons, and returned to school on Monday with more energy and focus.

“By working together with our partners, including Regional Food Bank and City Mission, MVP Healthcare, SEFCU and Price Chopper, we greatly expanded access to healthy food for children most in need,” said Robert Carreau, Executive Director of The Schenectady Foundation. "With the community's help we can reach many more children this year."

Weekend Backpack is making a difference. But many more children need this assistance.  The community’s support will make expansion to more children possible. Please help improve the health, welfare and education of Schenectady’s children by donating to the Weekend Backpack Fund today!