Youth Advisory Council

Call to Action Youth Advisory Council

Call to Action Youth Advisory CouncilThe Youth Advisory Council is a seven-month program created to support the pledge of The Schenectady Foundation and the Youth Allies Council in The Call to Action for Schenectady’s Youth. The Youth Advisory Council aims to reinforce the very first principle of the Call to Action “Listen to youths and include their voice in our considerations and planning for community programs designed to support them.”

The mission of the Youth Advisory Council is to provide a youth voice to the decision making processes of the Call to Action. The Youth Advisory Council’s primary responsibility will be to provide feedback, insight, and assistance to the Youth Allies council in the designing of youth programs, systems and processes that target and serve youth.

In addition to advising The Call to Action’s Youth Allies Council and designing their own project, members of the Youth Advisory Council have the opportunity for trainings and workshops to develop skills in the areas of personal growth and development, leadership development, and community involvement and awareness.

Youth will choose to design and implement a specific project in their neighborhood or school as a capstone project. They will develop strategies and ideas for a program or project addressing neighborhood challenges or critical issues in their school. Youth will be expected to advocate for their project in a board presentation to The Schenectady Foundation.

For more information visit our Youth Advisory Council Program Overview.