Neighborhood Revitalization

The Foundation has discovered an emerging role in helping to make Schenectady’s neighborhoods healthier, safer, and more livable. As such, the Foundation will support projects that contribute to the improvement of a neighborhood’s condition through efforts such as removing or preventing blight; making more and better green spaces; addressing health disparities; and stimulating economic activity, for example. The most attractive projects will be those that support the people living in the neighborhood and provide them with opportunities to participate in making a positive difference where they live.

Requests for grant funding under this category should support projects that address one or more of these areas with a specific course of action and proposed measurable outcomes.

1). Beautification; 2) Public safety; 3) Health and well-being; 4) Walkability; 5) Community building; 6) Accessibility; or 7) Economic development.

If you choose to apply under the Neighborhood Revitalization focus area, please copy and paste the following questions into the appropriate text box within the application, and type your response.

  1. What type of Neighborhood Revitalization project is proposed?
  2. What are the specific measurable outcomes to be achieved, in terms of the impact on the neighborhood?
  3. Is there a strong and active community leader or group, such as a neighborhood association; business district; or community organization in the proposed project area?
  4. Is there a competent and experienced lead agency with the capability to manage the project to a successful outcome?
  5. If the proposed project has willing and able activists/leaders in place, please provide their names and describe their experiences that qualify them for these roles.