Many gifts make our community stronger

Many gifts make our community stronger


The Schenectady Foundation is here to stay.  As a trust established in perpetuity for the benefit of Schenectady County, we are here for the long term, providing a sustainable and effective way to address compelling needs -- now and in the future. Your thoughtful gift today -- or planned through your estate for tomorrow -- helps keep our community's social sector thriving.

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How can you help?

  1. Invest now in one of our community initiatives.  

  2. Include the Foundation as a beneficiary in your will.

  3. Start a Donor Advised Fund.
  4. Explore other estate planning options that match your financial needs with your charitable intent.

3 Steps to Lasting Impact

Your legacy gift to the Foundation will grow over time, yielding income each year that is invested back in the community as grants and scholarships that help transform lives and touch those most in need. Here's how to get started:

  1. Just give us a call for confidentially discuss how the Foundation can help you to realize your charitable intent and achieve lasting benefit through your will or estate plan -- or by giving now to help transform the community during your lifetime.
  2. Talk with a legal advisor about revising or creating your Will and including the Foundation as a charitable beneficiary.
  3. Let us know when you have finished your plan.  We'll gladly recognize you in our Stockade Legacy Society.

Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/images/staff-robert.jpg "Please give me a call at 518-393-9500, or send a quick email to set up a time to talk.  In just a few minutes our confidential conversation can help get you started down the path of leaving a legacy that will help our community measurably -- now, and forever."

-- Robert Carreau, executive director



The Foundation's Stockade Society

The Stockade Society was created to honor and recognize those who have made gifts to the Foundation through bequests or lifetime giving, and to inspire other like-minded individuals to discover the benefits of a gift to the Foundation. Regardless of the size of your estate, as a member of the Stockade Society you will make a lasting difference to Schenectady.

Stockade Society Giving Opportunities

There are two ways that you can join our Stockade Legacy Society: 

1. Lifetime Giving – membership in the Stockade Society begins when an individual or couple achieves $25,000 or more in cumulative lifetime giving or through a one-time gift.

2. Planned Giving – membership in the Stockade Society begins when an individual or couple signs a commitment form indicating that they have made a planned gift to the Foundation. A planned gift may be a bequest through a will, charitable remainder trusts, life insurance, uni-trusts or other gifts as deemed appropriate.  There is no specific dollar amount required. 

Want to learn more about joining the Stockade Society?  Just give us a call, or download and complete our Stockade Society pledge form.

For more information, please contact the Foundation's executive director, Robert Carreau at (518) 393-9500 or

“None of us have the foresight to know what the community will need in the future. The Foundation's funds are managed in perpetuity, and granted with wisdom of the community leaders to discern the best possible use of resources based on current knowledge.”

-Joann Paulsen, former Foundation Chair

Where There's a Will There's a Way

One of the simplest ways you can make your lasting gift to the community is by including language in your Will naming The Schenectady Foundation as a beneficiary. You can consider a gift of a fixed amount, a percent of the remainder of your estate, or a specific asset of value.  Here is general language than can be used by your legal advisor in your Will:

“I give, devise and bequeath to The Schenectady Foundation the sum of $_____ (or % of the residuary of my estate, or other specific asset), to be used for its mission of improving the well-being of the people of Schenectady County, NY."

The Schenectady Foundation does not provide legal or financial advice. We recommend that you always consult legal counsel and/or financial advisor when making changes to your estate plan.


Our Generous Donors

The following people have left gifts to the Foundation, or have committed to do so by joining the Stockade Society.


Lionel Barthold
Robert and Karin Carreau
Patricia Christensen
Neil and Jane Golub
Mark and Barrie Handelman
Walter and Jean Hayes
Jack and Connie Hume
Bill and Jen Kenneally
Mark and Terri Little
Thomas and Amy Maggs
Deborah Mullaney
Terry and Anne Phillips
Anne B. Putnam
Betsy Sandberg and Steve Nissen
Sarah and Don Schermerhorn
Barbara J. Vivier
Wells Corbin Memorial Fund
John N. Erbacher Trust
Gerardus Smith & John G. Green Trust
Arthur Lauder Trust
Kathryn & Martin Rice Memorial Trust
Willis R. Whitney Trust


Laura Auer
Anita Bailey
Mabel Birdsall
Herman Blumer
Philip D. Brandes
Charles W. Carl, Jr.
Costello Estate
Ada V. A. Edwards
Patrick J. Garey
Wanda Golembowski
Eleanor F. Green
Irving and Sara Handelman
Beulah T. Hinkle
Karen B. Johnson

Kenneth Lally
Agnes S. Macdonald
Edna B. Marwill
Gladstone McKeon
Adelaide D. Parker
Katherine S. Rozendaal
Sanford and Marilyn Shuler
Alice Stackpole
Esther Swanker
Lenore White
Edna B. Wood


Having an estate plan is critically important for our future. But there are important issues needing our attention today.  To support one of our community initiatives...

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