Transformative Partnership

Because no single organization or program can address the complex and interwoven issues of the community, the Foundation works to connect organizations, enabling them to take advantage of each other's strengths through collaboration and partnership.

Our core areas:

 Food Security

Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/2021-photo-uploads/Foodsecuritysquare.jpgMeeting the needs of hungry families

Access to fresh, healthy, nutritious food was identified as a major community issue in Schenectady County even before the coronavirus pandemic. To reach our goal of ending hunger, we work to increase the capacity of local food pantries, to increase options for our most vulnerable community members and especially to ensure children who may lack access to a reliable source of nutritious food over the weekend. Our signature program, The Weekend Backpack Partnership, helps reduce food insecurity for elementary school children across our county. No family should worry about where the next meal is coming from impacts school performance.  Learn more.


Neighborhood Revitalization

Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/icons/icon-neghborhood-revitalization.pngTransforming neighborhoods -- home by home, street by street.

The Foundation is stepping up its commitment to improving conditions in Schenectady neighborhoods, including health, housing, employment and the urban environment. By removing or preventing blight, making more and better green space, addressing health disparities and stimulating economic activity, we can begin to reverse the negative trends we see in some parts of the City.  Learn more about what we've done, and what we intend to achieve in the future. Learn more.