What's Happening?

What's Happening?

When a leaky pipe wreaks a flood

For the Schenectady Day Nursery, the challenges of keeping children and staffers safe during the early months of the COVID pandemic without a vaccine in sight was daunting. But then Diane Fisher came to work on the first Monday in October, 2020 to see items floating in the hallway.

"A water supply hose to a toilet in the children's bathroom on the third floor broke away from the toilet," Fisher said. "Water poured out over the weekend, causing significant damage to the floors below."

The nursery, which typically serves 75 children from infants through pre-Kindergarten, had to close for repairs. They turned to The Schenectady Foundation for help. The foundation stepped in to provide $70,000 toward repairs and the Day Nursery was able to leverage an additional $45,000 in donations.

Rather than just repair, the project replaced outdated lighting with more efficient LED lighting, upgraded a new security system, installed new flooring throughout the building  and provided a face lift to the paint. A large hallway mural, featuring Winnie the Pooh characters interacting with toddlers from the nursery, escaped any damage at all. 

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