Capacity Building/Open Grant Opportunity

While the focal points of the Foundation’s investments are the Call to Action for Schenectady’s Youth and Neighborhood Revitalization, we are also open to learning about and potentially supporting projects that fall outside of these strategic grant areas. We have a more limited budget for such proposals -- $275,000 in 2018. These funds will be awarded to promising projects with the potential to catalyze change, and to achieve impact in the community.

Among the types of Open Grants we will consider are “Capacity Building” grants. These investments will support projects that address one or more capacity-building opportunities, some examples of which can be found below. Proposals must also include a specific course of action and proposed measurable outcomes.

Examples of capacity-building topics:

  • Financial sustainability through the development of earned-income;
  • Collaboration, partnerships or mergers;
  • Research and/or program evaluation;
  • Organizational development.

If you choose to apply as a “Capacity Building” opportunity, please copy and paste the following questions into the appropriate text box within the application, and type your response.

  1. What type of capacity building project is proposed?
  2. Specifically, how will this project build the capacity of a program or organization; i.e. strengthen the infrastructure, management, financial position, or governance of your organization?
  3. How will this project improve or increase your organization’s impact in the community?
  4. What are the measurable indicators of the progress and impact of this project?
  5. How will building your capacity in this way put your organization or program in position for future success, both programmatically and financially?