About Our Grant Process

The Foundation has a two-tiered on-line grant process.  The first submission is a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) which provides us with a high-level view of the proposed project.  Upon acceptance of the LOI, the applicants are provided with access to the full grant application.  

The Foundation has a "Micro-Grants" or small grants program to consider requests of $10,000 or less.  The Micro-Grants program offers an abbreviated process for smaller grants.  Organizations might consider applying for a Micro-Grant for planning, research and development of future projects, or to get pilot projects off the ground in anticipation of being able to bring the program to scale in the future.  While the maximum grant is $10,000, the majority of Micro-Grants grants will be in the range of $3,000 - $6,000.

Please review our grant Criteria and Eligibility prior to getting started, this information is used to guide the grant decisions of the Distribution Committee.